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There was a time when art was able to transmit strong emotions and meaningful values.

It is very difficult to define the art of Marinella because she goes from one technique to another, from one style to another. In her own words she calls it italo-cretan art, by which she means a kind of cultural meeting between East and West, Renaissance with Byzantine. There is also a continual  research into the possible uses of varies materials, clays, oils, resins, tempera, stones, gold leaf,  acrylics, canvas, wood and even concrete. The results take us back in time to review what art actually meant and gave to the viewer.

However, there has always been an underlining theme in all her art, a leitmotiv. 


Unique reproductions for everyday

The items that you can find in my shop are reproductions of original artworks that I created during various moments of my artistic life.

 “I actually had a couple of bags made and I use them to go shopping; how many people stopped me to ask where did I get that bag? Well after explaining that I was the artist who painted the image I was unable to answer the question, and where can I get one?”

“So, here is the solution: my own shop! Where besides bags in different sizes you can find pouches, aprons and so on. All these reproductions are available online and with only a few clicks, they will be delivered directly to your home.”

Since Marinella has recently dived into the world of ceramics and mosaics, there will also be examples of original works for sale here, however, for the moment only pickup from the workshop is possible. So, if  in Crete on holiday,  come and give us a visit.

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