Cretan Rocks (CR6)


Decorative Mosaic, part of the “Cretan Rocks” series

Decorated exclusively with rocks from the cretan isle.

Whether you are seeking a unique decorative piece or a meaningful gift, this small and portable mosaic artwork is sure to captivate with its exquisite details and cultural significance.

A stunning piece of mosaic artwork, part of the Cretan Rocks series, handcrafted in the beautiful region of Crete.

This original piece of art embodies the rich cultural heritage of the island and is perfect for art enthusiasts and collectors alike.

The mosaic is small and portable, making it ideal for display in various settings such as homes, offices, or even outdoor spaces.

It features an intricate ancient Greek motif, showcasing the timeless beauty of Hellenic art and culture.

 Mounted on a high-quality ceramic base, ensuring durability and a timeless aesthetic appeal,

the artwork is adorned with meticulously crafted rock-based tesserae and sand, adding a tactile and visually captivating dimension to the piece.

Handmade in Crete, this mosaic artwork reflects the skilled craftsmanship and artistic values.


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