Roman Mosaic XL (Misc2)


Imbued with historical significance and artistic prowess, this original Roman mosaic artwork serves as a testament to the enduring legacy of ancient Rome. The fusion of tiles and ceramic pieces breathes life into a captivating portrayal of a young man, inviting viewers to connect with a pivotal period in human history through the lens of art.

Step into the past with this original handmade Roman mosaic artwork, a captivating portrayal of a young man from two millennia ago. Crafted in the historic setting of Crete, this unique piece transports the viewer to the heart of ancient Roman artistry, utilizing a blend of tiles and ceramic pieces to form the tesserae, each one meticulously placed to recreate a compelling depiction of a bygone era.

Key Features:

  • Roman Mosaic Depiction: This artwork presents a striking portrayal of a young man from 2000 years ago, offering a glimpse into the art and culture of ancient Rome through a masterful mosaic composition.
  • Tesserae Utilizing Tiles and Ceramic Pieces: The tesserae, comprising tiles and ceramic pieces, are expertly arranged to form the intricate details of the mosaic, showcasing a harmonious blend of materials and artistic technique.
  • Handcrafted in Crete: Handmade in Crete, this artwork reflects the island’s deep-rooted connection to classical art and the roman empire, preserving traditional craftsmanship and evoking the spirit of ancient civilizations through its meticulous design.
Dimensions 42 × 50 cm


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